The Fine Art of Data Analysis

Get the most out of your numbers

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Get Closer to your data

Real Time*The data that we collect from our partners is refreshed weekly. and correct views that describe the current state of your business and the actual situation of your marketing campaigns.

Understand your numbers

A panoply of advanced metrics will help you, accurately, pinpoint and understand the reasons behind your current business situation.

Visualize your future Advanced

Using predictive analytics and machine learning algorithms, we will help you identify your future outcomes with competitive accuracy.

Make the right decision Advanced

Not only you will know your future, but we will advise you on how to improve it and make the best out of your numbers.

State of the Art Data Analytics

The Dashboard that gets you closer to your goals and improves your decisions

With our perfectly tailored solutions, we will assist you to apply advanced analytics in order to realize real breakthroughs, leaving the competition behind.

Relying on our deep experience in data analysis, and using state of the art technology and machine learning algorithms on the raw collected data from our partners, we can safely and securely forecast the trends of your business and marketing campaigns.

Average Collected Daily Transactions

1990 Daily

Wholesale Distributors Coverage

1 %

Covered Products

2990 Products

From Desktop to Mobile

Take Sentinel Data with you wherever you go and access all your data on the fly.

Our solutions are tailored for the active senior management and employees who are usually in transit and moving. You can always access our solutions wherever you are, and whenever you want.

Our Approach

Partners for Data and Owners of Success

We have partnered with the majority of Medical Wholesale Distributors in Tunisia to collect their sales transactions daily and weekly. This allows us to secure the source of the data, making sure of its integrity and correctness. Also, this gives us the ability to treat the data, nightly and weekly to show to our users, real metrics and advanced visualizations on real data with no delays. We know that you need the information and that you need it now.


High International Standards and using Defense grade technology.

Using our expertise in security that we have built over the years, we have tailored our solution to follow the highest of standards in security. We are proud to be compliant to all these standards:

Founded by Three Tunisians, Sentinel Data is proud to be a pure product of Tunisia.

Early in 2017, a pharmacist and two Software professionals met and created Sentinel Data. Each one of them has extensive experience in his field of expertise.